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Why You Should Have Your Home Inspected by a Professional

The purchase of a home is an emotional experience and it may not be easy
to be objective about it
. Even if you are very familiar with construction, electrical,
plumbing and other trades, it is not likely that you will be objective about the condition
of the home. You will see the beautiful back yard, or the beamed ceiling in the living
room, or be thrilled to have a wood burning fireplace, but you may not notice
antiquated and hazardous electrical wiring, water and drain pipes that are at the end
of their service life, structural defects or termite infestation, or any of the hundreds of
different types of  problems found in homes that we inspect.

Homes can be dangerous. When a home inspection is done by Meyers Home
Inspections our first concern is disclosing potential safety hazards,
and then
the condition of the
structure, electrical, plumbing, roof etc. Did you know that most
decks and stairs that we inspect have safety issues? Did you know that many of the
older homes we inspect have electrical hazards created by modifications or additions
done by unqualified persons? Did you know that many older homes have furnaces
that are so old that it is possible that they can be lethal? Did you know that chimneys,
especially in older homes, may have internal defects that can result in fires or carbon
monoxide poisoning? We look for and advise you about all of these potential safety
hazards and more when we do a home inspection.

You should shop for a home inspector the same way you would choose any
other professional that you will be trusting with your welfare.
Just as in any
profession, prices range from too low to be trusted, to unreasonably high. Generally
speaking, you get what you pay for.   Do not be fooled into thinking that the best
value is the lowest price for a home inspection.  Saving a small amount of money by
going with the lowest price may result in much higher costs to you after you move in
to the home.  We are ASHI Certified Inspectors, Licensed by the state of NJ, and
provide a professional inspection service. We are also Engineers, which brings a
higher credential to the inspection.  And don't forget that the 25+ years of experience
inspecting homes gives us great insight into the condition of the home.

You need an objective home inspection report done by a professional. If the
home inspection report discloses material defects in the home that you were not
aware of when you made the initial purchase offer, then you may be able to negotiate
the price of the home downward to allow for repairs or replacements. If the furnace
needs to be replaced it would cost about $3500.00, If the roof needs replacement it
may cost $6000.00. Compare these costs that you may partly or completely recover
in the negotiation process with the cost of the home inspection, and you will realize
that a home inspection may save you a lot of money.
What to Look for in
Home Inspector

Experience doing home
  We have
been in business since
1984 and have done
thousands of home
inspections in NJ.

Be a member of the
American Society of
Home Inspectors (ASHI).

We are all ASHI Certified
Home Inspectors. The
American Society of Home
Inspectors ( ASHI) has
strict professional and
ethical requirements
which protect the home
buyer's interests.  Other
home inspector
organizations have more
lenient requirements and
may be simply "vanity
"organizations for
inspectors who do not
meet the requirements of

Be insured for errors and
Insurance is a
requirement of most
states that have license
requirements. Lack of
insurance may mean that
the home inspector has a
bad record and can no
longer obtain coverage.  
We are fully insured.

Realistic prices for
professional services are
a hallmark of
 It is
usually true that you get
what you pay for. Home
inspectors that charge
fees that appear to be
bargain prices may be
doing this because they
are inexperienced or
unqualified and must
charge less than the
competition to get any
business at all.

Home inspectors whose
business depends on and
comes mostly from
satisfied clients.  Over the
many years that we have
been in business our
reputation for doing careful
and professional home
inspections has gained us
thousands of satisfied
clients who continue to
provide us with referrals.  
We are not dependent on
real estate sales agents
for our business and will
always provide an
unbiased report of the true
condition of the home that
we inspect.
Fully licensed, Insured & Bonded
More than 25 years experience inspecting homes & buildings in New Jersey

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